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We are renowned for our 58 years of commitment to providing both ocean and cultivated shrimp to the seafood market, which has established our business as one of the largest shrimp exporters in the world. MARPESCA is devoted to processing its shrimp on the same day it is fished out of the ocean. The shrimp is peeled, deveined and then individually quick frozen to ensure that the unique flavor of natural shrimp from the Pacific Ocean is locked in. The product is packaged in our own plant, where each product is marked based on their presentation, grading, color and uniformity. Shrimp are excellent for baking, boiling, frying and grilling.

Ocean Caught White Shell On Block:
Panama Wild Whites are known internationally for their outstanding flavor, uniformity and full net weight. They are fresh caught in the waters of the Pacific Ocean of Central and South America.

Species: Penaeus Occidentalis

U/8, U/10, U/12, U/15, 16/20 & 21/25
10/5 lbs. master case
Julie L, Golden Choice


Wild Pink , IQF, P&D, Tail On/Off

Tail on
Penaeus Occidentalis
21/25, 26/30, 31/35
4/ 2.5 lbs master case

Tail off
26/30, 31/35, 41/50
4/ 2.5 lbs master case
Farm Raised White, IQF, P&D, Tail Off

51/60 and 71/90
4/ 5 lbs. master case

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