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Our leading brands are recognized worldwide for their quality and packaging. We distribute our products via Wholesale and Retail and offer a large range of fish products, including: Mahi-Mahi, Snapper, Flounder and Corvina; Tuna and Shrimp (wild and farmed raised). As well as a range of High Added Value Products such as Fish Fingers, Home Style Breaded Fish Fillet and Shrimp, Shrimp Nuggets, Popcorn Shrimps, Breaded Squid Rings, Seafood Mix, Tuna Burgers among others.

MARPESCA is your direct source of premium quality frozen seafood from Central and South America, placing you in the centre of a well-recognized and respected business in the seafood industry.

Our 55 years of unparalleled experience has brought us to the forefront of leading specialists in the fresh and frozen seafood industry, offering a wholesale service as well as brand names which include Julie, Golden Choice, MARPESCA DIRECT and BELMARE amongst others in Europe, Asia, USA, Central and South America.

Bringing the resource, quality and resolutions in shrimp and fish to you. Our goal is to seek premium quality seafood, processing methods and packaging to distribute our product with greater quality assurance and speed to customers.

MARPESCA'S main business is based in Panama, Central America with three sales offices operate overseas: MARPESCA DIRECT in Tampa, Florida, USA; MARPESCA MIAMI, Miami, Florida, USA and MARPESCA EUROPA in Valladolid, Spain.

We operate our own fleet of large vessels, shipyard, deep large freezers storage, state-of-the-art processing plants, a privately owned truck fleet as well as a specialized retail store for frozen seafood and high value added products.

Our processing plants are located adjacent to the Panama Canal which allows the quickest transit to any port in the world. Our plants are deeply committed to the priority of FOOD SAFETY as well as processing the highest and freshest quality of seafood. We are equipped with the latest and most modern technology in all Central and South America, which grants us with the ability to be extremely flexible in terms of custom packaging.

MARPESCA maintains all the quality assurance of our products to a great extent including third party audits from FDA, USA; EU Health authorities and Taiwan. Also, we receive periodic inspections from our main clients from USA and EU.

Our staff plays a very significant role in the development of MARPESCA as a business. Consolidation, skills and competitiveness are our driving forces. Our team in the Human Resources Department invests in constant learning and training schemes, career opportunities, seminars and conferences in Panama as well as abroad which makes our personnel motivated to succeed and perform at a high standard.

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P.O. BOX 0816-01090 - Panama, Republic of Panama
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